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Building Healthy Relationships

Live Skilled Television: Season 3 Episode 6 Building healthy relationships is what we should teach our youth. We must promote the idea of existing in a manner which uplifts and empowers ourselves and others. In this video we cover tips and barriers to building healthy relationships. Enjoy!!!  

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My Faith Will Not Waver

Monday Medicine: Season 2 Episode 10 When you know for a fact that you have the ability to succeed it is easy to have faith. When life gives you it’s worst and you can still find belief in yourself that is when you have true faith. You must never forget that you can do all […]

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I Trust Myself

Monday Medicine Season 1 Episode 7 This week we will began to trust ourselves in everything we do. We will become confident in our abilities and never doubt ourselves again. As you move forward you must never forget that you can do anything. Enjoy!!

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