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Certified By White Culture?

I was minding my business scrolling through social media yesterday when I came across an article that both humored and angered me. The article I read was saying how Vogue Magazine and white women have made a “big butt” the new popular craze. Vogue felt it necessary to tell the world that a big butt […]

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Keep Your Hands To Yourself

  Dear Men AND Women:   In order to truly stop domestic violence, we have to make better decisions about how we live and create social and cultural norms. Let’s make it clear, it is not ok for men to hit women, and it is also not ok for women to hit men. We have […]

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Be Comfortable With Yourself

We live in a world full of images and ideas which promotes a certain look and lifestyle that is actually toxic to our people. We come in all different shapes, sizes and skin tones, but we are socialized to believe that we should fit into the same mold. If you are a man, you have […]

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