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Chipola College Sexual/Domestic Violence Prevention Presentation 2/25/15

February 25th, 2015 Joseph Ward presented at Chipola College in Mariana, FL. His topic of discussion was sexual/domestic violence prevention. We have a huge issue around the world with violence against women and intimate partner violence. Mr. Ward delivered relevant information that will help prevent violence in the future. Enjoy!! To view the full video […]

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Patriarchy Cultural Norms and Power & Control

Live Skilled Television: Season 3 Episode 1 We are back with season 3 of Live Skilled Television. This season we ¬†will be delivering more sexual/domestic violence prevention information, as well as life skills information. Today I am covering Patriarchy, cultural norms and power & control. Enjoy!!    

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The Secrets Under the Rug

Within the many households of America lie the secrets that have either destroyed lives or will eventually destroy lives. We have a culture of people who have learned to turn a blind eye to serious issues within their households. We do not like to talk about or confront issues such as sexual and domestic violence […]

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