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Live Skilled Live Fulfilled is a comprehensive life skills training and sexual/domestic violence prevention company. Our aim is to deliver relevant and practical information designed to help our clients’ enhance their ability to create opportunity and better their overall quality of life. This company was created to fill a void for individuals, and communities looking to gain and improve the skills needed to become safe and successful.

Live Skilled Live Fulfilled Mission

Our mission is to provide practical life skills trainings & sexual/domestic violence prevention, through education, seminars, webinars, trainings, one on one sessions, group sessions, workshops and keynote speaking engagements. Our aimed it to deliver specific information that will enhance our clients opportunities and their quality of life.


Live Skilled Live Fulfilled Goal

The goal of Live Skilled Live Fulfilled is to have a flexible and sustainable firm that aids in improving the quality of life for the clients we serve.




Joseph A. Ward is a certified Life Coach, a graduate of Florida A&M University and holds his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He possesses over four years of experience in delivering academic success presentations to grades K-12, college-aged students, and middle aged adults.  By working in diverse venues such as grade schools, college campuses, juvenile divergent programs, correctional Institutions, religious communities, homeless shelters, and foster homes he has become skilled at providing valuable life skills training to a wide variety of community members.

A graduate of the “New Hope Program” with the Florida Department of Health in Leon County, Mr. Ward served as a co-facilitator with the program for over four years, which works to teach life and professional skills to underprivileged persons. He helped to establish the Florida A&M University chapter of MOST (Men of Strength) and currently serves as co-facilitator with the organization. Mr. Ward also successfully developed the Sexual Violence Prevention Program with the Florida Department of Health in Leon County and holds over four years of Sexual/Domestic Violence Prevention training experience with A Call to Men, Men Can Stop Rape, and the Florida Council against Sexual Violence. Mr. Ward is a blogger, author and radio show host.

Mr. Ward’s commitment to his community has proven him to be a reputable teacher, coach, trainer, and motivator. He is dedicated to uplifting and educating individuals around the world while helping to create mindsets and environments which foster greatness.



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