Sexual Violence/Domestic Violence Prevention

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Live Skilled Live Fulfilled  works to create awareness of sexual and domestic violence and equip citizens with the proper education and training needed to help prevent this occurrence. We use our primary prevention model to impart relevant information that can be used immediately to help create change.Our information will challenge traditional cultural and social norms which help to promote sexual and domestic violence. Through our presentations,  education, workshops and seminars, Live Skilled Live Fulfilled will provide all of our attendants with the proper information and resources needed to help them recognize and stand against violence.

Live Skilled Live Fulfilled is interested in helping you become an active ally in ensuring our future generations live a violence-free future. We are pleased to help get you and your community involved in empowering yourselves. Our various informational formats include the following:

Seminars: Our violence prevention trainers are prepared to help men and women become educated and active in the fight against sexual and domestic violence. The aim of our trainings are to identify the root of these forms of violence, and identify solutions to help end them. We will also introduce primary prevention as an active solution one can use immediately to help create change within your own community.

Workshops: Our violence prevention workshops look to bring together ideas, information and skills to help create more effective efforts to prevent sexual/domestic violence. We use thought-provoking discussions and hands-on problem-solving activities that engage, inform and empower our participants.

6-8 Week Training: We have prepared a comprehensive curriculum that will raise awareness, inform attendees and help to create a paradigm shift towards gender equality while ending violence against women/men. We will teach what are the inner workings of sexual and domestic violence, how to recognize each one and how to stand against violence. We explore a range of topics from healthy relationships to human trafficking as well as bully prevention.

Live Skilled Live Fulfilled delivers education, workshops and seminars to grades K-12, college-aged students, young professionals, elders and many more.


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